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Keep Your Pellet Stove Operating its Best

All Wood Pellets Are Not Created Equal Most of us have heard the old saying, Garbage in – Garbage out. Well, the same is true when we talk about wood pellets. We recommend the use of premium-grade wood pellets whenever possible. They burn more efficiently and the produce less ash than with lower grade pellets. [...]

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Pellet Stove: A Basic Introduction

Many people are looking for alternate ways to heat their homes and have turned to pellet stoves for a solution. A pellet stove uses pellets that are made from compressed wood or biomass. These pellets burn to provide the heat you want. An automatic mechanism, typically an auger powered by a heavy duty auger motor, [...]

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Winter Is Coming: Is Your Pellet Stove Ready?

Fall is in the air and of course you know what that means. It’s time to get your pellet stove ready for cold weather to come. When that first real cold morning does come along you don’t want to discover your pellet stove is not working properly. It would be much more desirable to easily [...]

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